Calvary – Guilt and Forgiveness

A contrived quite old fashioned morality tale with sufficient style and talent around the characters and characterizations to entertain and to carry the weight of an examination of guilt, and a plea for forgiveness.  A once married priest with a suicidal daughter is chosen as the innocent scapegoat for the churches abuses of earthly powers.  All surrounding are caricatures  – the wicked banker, the flawed policeman, the carelessly immoral congregation with one angelic exception, the artist observers. sex and violence are bent to the purpose of asking how can the Catholic Church, or any institution, be brought to account in the present, for sins of the past  Money, booze, cynicism, tired symbols and sacraments are all useless.  Ultimately, only forgiveness frees us all up to re-engage with life and a future without the burdens of anger and grief. Check

Lucky that we have story tellers and not just sermonizers to make us think and possibly embrace such things