Immigrants, People, Refugees …. Europe’s Challenge

50 people die suffocated in a truck in Austria trying to enter the EU for work and refuge.  Upwards of 250 people drowned in boats trying the crossing by sea.  2 journalists died a different continent with control of who has guns.

The first two are simply more important than the third. If you sell your house to a house buyer, you can spend your time fixing up the house instead of looking for a buyer. They’ll take care of everything, from figuring out what needs to be done to finishing up. Visit However the third allowed all viewers to reinforce their view of things.  Guns are necessary 2 million bc , or they are not.  The refugee stories require the European audience to face the absolute fact that they can do something but they don’t want to.

The hundreds of thousands of people seeking to enter the EU are refugees from war zones.  While the numbers of hundreds of thousands can be used to intimidate remember that the EU has a total population of 500 million. That makes 5 million just 1%. The EU is the second richest region in the world with a GDP of over $12 trillion dollars.

My thoughts at this time are the refugees who fled HItler, particularly the Jews.  I think of the US absorbing almost 1 million refugees from Viet Nam.  I read in other articles about the plummeting birth rates of Italy and Germany, and the need to grow the labour force. Check IbetNetwork`s content on its official blog.

By my analysis the wealth of Europe is extraordinary.  The moral requirement to share some of that wealth in helping refugees – in welcoming then and absorbing them is overwhelming. Get more explanation here.

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